Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

Metal Hammer Review for "Struggle" by Trailer Park Sex

Trailer Park Sex' Now Or Fucking Never Ep moped the floor with a big deal of 2010 releases. 2013 is no better for their competitors, they all look pretty weak in their big boy clothes now. In the first place because of a monster soundproduction, but chiefly because of very many well executed "style jumps". Brutal mathcore and metal served as base for all of Struggle's 12 songs, yet rounded up with a fascinatingly schizophrenic plethora of non-extreme influences.

"Phineas Gage" extinguishes guitar madness with jazz flavored relaxation pill, "We've Got Business" donates a touch of Lamb Of God mixed up with latin percussion, "Dirty Little Secrets" layers funk bass over full blown metal chaos. Such a balancing act can only be achived with a versatile voice and you know that.... well, like a chameleon Juan Pablo Gracia balances growls and gangshouts with sweet refrains as in "A Big Nice Cup Of Fuck You", Alice In Chains Type hypnosis in "Requiem For The Bloodless" or Alternative Rock catchyness in "The March Of The Unavoidable". In a nutshell: Trailer Park Sex belongs by far to the best of what Europe's underground has to offer.

Metal Hammer Germany, Struggle Review by Dominik Winter. June, 2013

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